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From the desk of Director (Saraiyahat)

Director ISD DumkaEducation is no longer-limited to village, one state or one country. It is a global phenomenon, the world has become a global village and we are determined to create citizens of global' standard. Thus we have decided to develop a global standard school matching the best in the segment. In order to make it a world class school. We are in the process to introduce global education program such as Self Directed Learning, Advance Educational Technologies, Self-Discovering, Teacher's Training and all that is required to make learning stress free.

Ours will be the first school to develop a curriculum befitting Multiple Intelligence Theory of Dr. Heward Gardner. Ours is committed group of dedicated and creative educationists engaged in fostering and delivering quality education in pursuit of quality with sustainable personality development of our learners. Our objective is to identify and discover talent in each learner and develop such talent to the maximum so that each learner becomes a global citizen in true Indian tradition and outlook. We are raising a school where dreams come true. Such learner gets an opportunity to move forward and achieve what each one of them has dreamt.

ISD is a school where talent is reared and global citizens are created. I now invite you to come and see for yourself of what we have stated about in true spirit.

Mr. Amrendra Kumar
Director, Saraiyahat